2013  Series
pictured - CY jr team ride
last updated 3/13/2013
Winter Thaw
Yellow River Race Series
Stone Mtn, GA

1-27-13   Maps                       Points Table Standings
2-10-13   Garmin                   Results                        Awards     
3-10-13                               11:50am Start Times for Expert/Kids in March

CycleYouth's 3-race  series will offer racers early events to tune up their fitness.  The trail system uses all the best singletrack at the park to offer a fun and rewarding loop for all. Old-timers will remember some of the original trails that are back in use.  The loops has been created to maximize singletrack and offer a true mountain bike experience. The course will climb the 140 foot hill from all 4 sides and offer spectators multiple viewing options by foot per lap.  Spectator maps provided.

The loop is approx 6 miles in length and about 95% singletrack.  For the 3 events the course will be run forward, backwards and then a reconfiguration of forward for the last event.  Parking and start/finish are at the Horse Parking area.

For other park users including HORSES and HIKERS the River Side trails will remain open, although the Horse paking lot will be in use by the race.

We will run races in heats for Kids, Beginner, Sport and Expert (Cat III, II and I), as well as First Timers.  First Timer class is just that; first time racing, so no series offered for first timers.  Your only a first timer for one day.  First Timer's may upgrade to Beginner and take last pts.

Kids little 1 or 2 laps around venue - Parents run/ride with or following your kids optional.
Kids 8-11 1.6 mile loop using portions of adult loop and their own single track section.  Kids 8-11 will start 1 minute behind Pro men, and do an alternate 1.5 mile route.
Kids loop Garmin page
Kids loop map
Beginner 1 lap  50-70 minute lap
Sport 2 laps   45-60 minute lap
Expert 3 laps.  33-45 min lap         *Pro/Ex vote for 3 or 4 laps on the line - majority wins.
                                                  *Ex Women vote for 2 or 3 on the line.
  Expert loop has 3 short, expert-only sections that will add challenge.

Points will be awarded for each race and totaled to award series standings.  Everyone will be calculated and eligible for series standings.  Points are not transferable.

Class Structure:
11:50am note change from Jan.
ProExpert 19-39
Kids 8-11
Expert 40-49+ 
Women Expert

Sport 50+ 
Junior Expert/Sport/Beg 
Sport 19-34
Sport 35-49+
Women Sport

Beginner 19-34
Beginner 35+
Junior Beginner 11-14 &15-18
Women & Jr Ladies Beginner
First Timers

Prizes  &   Points
Points &  awards page

A big thank you to our series sponsors, for whom we would not be able to bring these events to you.
  • From MORINGA and the Morniga Tree racers will taste the nutritional products and reap the health benefits it brings.  Moringa is packed with Calcium, Potassium, Vitamin A, B, C, E, iron, flavonoids and nmutrients.  Moringa improves hemoglobin levels in the blood.  Winter Thaw will be serving up Morings Sourse Tea for attendees.
  • KMC for providing chains for prizes and attending events to help racers.
  • Pro Gold for a fine selection of chain and cleaning products.

other sponsors pending

The Yellow river Park is located at
3232 Juhan Road
Stone Mountain GA 30087

From I-285 take Hwy 78 East Exit 39B (towards Stone Mtn/Athens) for approx 4 miles
Pass by Stone Mountain and over overpass. 
Turn right at first light which is  Rockbridge Rd  (Shell Gas)
Bear slightly left as road becomes Annistown Rd (seems like same road)
   You will have gone through 4 traffic lights since hwy 78 :
Right on Juhan Rd (before the river crossing)
Race course will be on the right at the 4-way stop about 3/4 mile.
Additional parking is on the other side of the 4-way stop.  Flush bathrooms and changing rooms are also on the other side of the road.

From Athens, GA
take hwy 78 to Snellville
Left (south) on Hwy 124 (Centerville Hwy)
Right Annistown Rd (at walmart)
Cross Yellow River (big concrete bridge and you can't see river)
Left Juhan Rd

From I-20 use hwy 124.
From I-85 and I-75 North use I-285 to access hwy 78 east instead of cutting across town.
From the south use I-285 to access Hwy 78 East (not Memorial Dr)

Winter Weather 
Race will run rain or shine, or snow.  In the event severe extreme weather we will cancel.  If the roads are completely impassable then we will either delay the event 1-2 hours or cancel.

It is possible that roads are drivable after the morning thaw, in which case we will hold the race mid-day and enjoy the challenges of winter riding.  We will adjust the start time (1pm  for expert, 1pm for sport and 2:30-3pm  for beginner). 

Please do not attempt to drive on icy roads if you are unsure about your safety.  Your safety is more important.

Check our Facebook page or call the number listed above.

If heavy rains then we will move to the playground pavilion which is 1/4 mile closer to Annistown Rd than the chosen venue.

KMC Triple Link Award
The fastest combined times from all 3 rounds   [details soon]

General rules of mountain bike racing are in effect.
  • Riders must attend the riders meeting before the race for details.  Meet just prior to the start at the start.
  • Adult arcers follow course arrows which are white signs with blue or red arrows.
  • Open feed zone on course.
  • Helmets must be worn by all competitors while on a bike.  By law anyone under age 16 must wear a helmet in the park while riding.
  • Your number plate is for the entire series, hang onto it.
  • Secret course marshals will be keeping an eye on the course and racers.
  • In the event a rider needs to protest paper will be provided for a written submission' please keep calm and explain what you need to on paper for initial review by the official.
  • Participants must sign a waiver at the race each time.
  • Classes may be combined for starting, but scored separate.
  • Arrows will mark intersections and the course will be taped off. It is the riders responsibility to know the course in the event something disrupts the course markings.  The area is full of deer that like to run the trails too.
  • Kids course is marked with Black Signs with Green Arrows
  • Course will be marked the day before the event
  • Please do not modify the course.
  • Skidding destroys trails.  Your brakes are most effective before they lock up.  Brake before the turn, not in the turn.  Front brakes account for 70% of your stopping power.

2013  Series

3 laps   
1 lap of 1.6 mile
3 laps
2 lap     

2 laps
2 laps
2 laps
2 laps
2 laps

1 lap
1 lap
1 lap
1 lap
1 lap
Series Overall Prizes
medal & prizes     

prizes 3 deep 
prizes 5 deep
prizes 3 deep
prizes 3 deep
prizes 3 deep

medal  3 deep
medal  3
prizes 5 deep  each
prize 3

Please consult internet directions

$25 for all adults
$15 for junior classes (18 and under)
$20 First Timers
$5 adult day of race registration fee

$65 for all three if pre-registered

Please specify your class and age group choice in the "Add note" box.
Pre-registration ends the Wednesday before.

Contact us for paypal registration
This is not a usac event, no license required
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