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Winter Thaw
Yellow River
Stone Mtn, GA
Sunday Feb 16, 2014
One Day Only

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CycleYouth's event will offer racers early events to tune up their fitness.  The trail system uses all the best singletrack at the park to offer a fun and rewarding loop for all. Old-timers will remember some of the original trails that are back in use.  The loop has been created to maximize singletrack, and offer a true mountain bike experience. The course will climb the 140 foot hill from all 4 sides and offer spectators multiple viewing options by foot per lap.  Spectator maps provided.

The loop is approx 7 miles in length and about 95% singletrack. Parking and start/finish are at the Horse Parking area.

For other park users including HORSES and HIKERS the River Side trails will remain open, although the Horse paking lot will be in use by the race.

We will run races in heats for 8-11 Kids, Beginner, Sport and Expert (Cat III, II and I), as well as First Timers.  First Timer class is just that; first time racing.

Kids 8-11 1.6 mile loop using portions of adult loop.  Kids 8-11 will start first.
Beginner 1 lap  50-70 minute lap
Sport 2 laps   45-60 minute lap
Expert 3 laps.  33-45 min lap        
Class Structure:
ProExpert 19-39 
Junior Sport/Expert

Sport/Expert 50+ 
Sport 19-99
Women Sport & Expert 

Kids 8-11
Beginner 19-99 
Junior Beginner 11-14 &15-18
Women & Jr Ladies Beginner
First Timers 0-99

Please note there is no little kids event (age 2-7) at this time. Under 8 welcome to race with the 8-11.

A big thank you to our series sponsors, for whom we would not be able to bring these events to you.

  • KMC for providing chains for prizes and attending events to help racers.
  • Pro Gold for a fine selection of chain and cleaning products.

other sponsors pending

2013 Winter Thaw
3 laps    
3 laps

2 laps
2 laps
2 laps

1 lap
1 lap
1 lap
1 lap
1 lap
cash 100% 25% deep

prizes 3 deep 
prizes 3 deep
prizes 3 deep

medals 3 deep
medals 3
prizes 5 deep
medals 3

$30 for all adults
$15 for junior classes (18 and under)
$25 First Timers
$5 adult day of race registration fee

Please specify your class and age group choice in the "Add note" box.
Pre-registration ends the Wednesday before.
PayPal is easy for us to process as reg also

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